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about us | Early Bird Cookery | Farm-to-Table MEAL DELIVERY, CATERING

the early bird mission is to create and deliver healthful, sustainable, varied, substantive meals to our community of clients, family, friends and people in need. we love what we do & we are grateful for our work. we also love where we work. it’s a dream to be surrounded by such an abundant and rich region of the southern Catskills / Delaware River Valley. thanks to all of our clients and our community ... we are eternally grateful.

Amy Miller is a graduate of The Natural Gourmet Institute in New York. While interning at the famed Blue Hill at Stone Barns, Amy honed her culinary skills and witnessed firsthand the challenging and beautiful journey food takes as it travels from field or pasture to plate. She continually finds pleasure and inspiration by working directly with local purveyors and transforming their wares into a variety of foods for a full range of clients. She also finds much pleasure in traveling, bringing back ideas to test out in the kitchen and then deliver to you.

Dayna Halprin brings a deep knowledge of farming and sustainability to the table. Add to that a formal culinary education and a chef ’s attention to detail, Dayna wears many hats with effortless skill and we’d be lost without them. Dayna also leads our donation cook : a weekly production of 250+ nutrient dense meals for families in need. When Dayna is not in the kitchen, you are likely to find them organizing and hosting gatherings and demonstrations in the county, as well as phone banking and dedicating much time urging people to get out there and vote!