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catering | Early Bird Cookery | Farm-to-Table MEAL DELIVERY, CATERING


early bird cookery is available to safely cater photo & film shoots + celebrations, weddings & gatherings. we love the opportunity to create custom menus for clients & are happy to send our warm & professional staff, or we can simply drop packaged meals for your group.

easy grab and go individually packed bags of healthy, hearty meals  ensure your photo shoot runs smoothly and keeps the crew happy.

early bird creates custom seasonal menus from locally grown goods for parties, retreats & weddings. email us for past/sample menus; we'd love to hear from you. 

breakfast & brunch boxes seasonal quiches, frittatas & savory galettes.  breakfast burritos & sandwiches. yogurt parfaits. seasonal fruit.  overnight oats w/pepitas, walnuts & cinnamon pan fried apples. tabbouleh : spinach, quinoa, mint, cucumber, lemon. bagels 'n smear. coffee, coffee, and more coffee. 
platters & boards & things to share charcuterie board w/mustard, olives. cheese board : 5 cheeses, seasonal preserves; fruit. bagels & all the trimimings : smoked trout & spreads. meze platter : hummus, baba, labneh, tabouli, flatbreads. dips & chips platter : pimento, ranch & triple onion. kielbasa, queso & pretzel platter : soft salted pretzels, mustard, pickles. slider platter. customize your own!
southern-theme pickles plate : green tomatoes, spicy okra, dilly beans ... pigs in blanket, whole grain house mustard ... black eyed peas & watercress, citrus shallot vinaigrette ... pulled pork ... sweet and sour charred cabbage & collards : bacon vinaigrette ... sweet potato biscuits, radish butter ... strawberry pie, burnt toast ice cream

brunch spring onion & pea samosas ... baked eggs w/feta, pistachio pesto ... asparagus and gruyère toasts ... tomato cu- cumber chopped salad w/pickled red onion, mint, lemon ... oat & buttermilk waffles : charred rhubarb chutney ... lemon chess pie


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