juices, tonics, shrubs & nut milks

greens juice: loaded with nutrients, vitamins, and fiber our house-made, local, green juice is great for an on-the-go healthy snack. (kale / spinach, cucumber, lemon & tart apple) 
almond milk: our house-made nutrient-filled almond milk, made with sprouted almonds for better nutrient absorption. A great alternative to dairy and overly sweet store bought almond milk. (organic almonds, maple, salt) 
matcha tea latte : housemade almond milk, cinnamon, antioxidant powerhouse matcha tea
cinnamon ginger green tea : honey, lemon, matcha green tea!
seasonal smoothy : strawberries!, nut milk, vanilla.  breakfast, easy lunch or quick snack!
clarks local berry kombucha(s)! : raspberry, strawberry, blueberry. so lovely.

$ 8.00

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