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Ask us what we have in the larder. It varies...

veggie + fruit bag : an assortment of what is in season; 3-4 veg + 3-4 fruits

tomato jam : is a favorite! great on cheeses, meats, anything really.
black currant jam : so spectacular! floral and mysterious; dark as night.
pear vanilla : a lovely and addictive combination.
grape walnut conserves : also great on a cheese board, plays nicely with charcuterie too.

Our grainy mustard is always in stock & always a favorite.
We use it in our mustard dressing: german style mustard dressing can be used on cold salads, and can double as a marinade. Try it on potato salad.

Our signature house dressing. We put this on everything, from our kale quinoa salad to meat and and marinades. The perfect balance of tart, tangy and sweet. (lemon maple vinaigrette)