early bird cookery. Healthy meal delivery. Home meal delivery. Personalized cooking & services. Try a weekender meal delivery package. Try our ice cream at these markets: Callicoon farmers' market, New Amsterdam. Early Bird gathers farm-fresh ingredients and transforms them into delicious, wholesome meals and products. Early bird can deliver right to your door, or be found perched at a farmers' market or nearby store.
Farm to table catering for your next event We deliver healthy, organic meals to your door Our farm-to-table supper club. Our local farms that provide fresh ingredients. Meet the chefs cooking local, seasonal meals Accolades.  What they're saying Our organic, homemade ice cream from farm-fresh ingredients. Email us at info@earlybirdcookery.com Meal delivery makes a great gift. farm-to-table organic local meal delivery in manhattan, brooklyn, nyc.