farm to table weekly meal bundle

gluten-free unless noted**  |  V = vegan optional available

A weekly meal delivery is the perfect way to fly through the week! We gather ingredients directly from local farms and deliver them to you.

It's that easy to have the healthy, hearty, nutrient dense local foods on your table that you need to sustain you through the busy week. Give it a try...

menu : week of may 20th
7 spiced chicken OR vegetable skewers corriander, cumin, nutmeg 
labneh, olives
crispy chickpea & flatbread salad : parsley, walnut, radish, greens, red pepper (V)

salt & spring garlic rubbed lamb OR pan seared cauliflower mint sauce
minted artichokes & lemony roasted potatoes w/kale, celery & radiccio (V)

red lentil dal  lime, raita, spiced oil
tomato, cilantro, jalepeno rice + cabbage, carrot & kale slaw : mustard seed, cilantro, lime (V)

vietnamese steak OR tofu & rice noodle salad sweet & sour vinagrette
flash stir fried asparagus, sugar snaps, spring greens : basil, cilantro, mint, peanuts, lime, fried shallots, salted cucumber (V)

butternut squash soup (V) lime, coconut milk, vaudovan

weekly meal bundle =
• 4 main entrees (grass-fed local meats & vegetarian)
• 4 hearty seasonal sides/salads
• housemade soup or stew
• farm-fresh eggs + fresh nutmilk or juice + extra of your choosing

$ 225.00

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