main entrees

gluten-free unless noted**  |  V = vegan optional available

menu : week of january 21st
classic chicken pot pie (V = mushroom & lentil)
the greenest green salad : siberian kale, spinach, roasted broccoli, green olive, green goddess dressing (V)

bourekas* local beef; mushroom & spinach (V) smokey tahini sauce
roasted cauliflower & kale salad : lemony seared white beans, feta, dill

rosemary, garlic & lemon zest pork shoulder yogurt, scallion, lemon zest, chile flakes
(V = carmelized yams & glazed squash)
caesar shaved brussel sprouts salad : parmesan, salted almonds, quinoa (V)

vermicelli noodle bowl basil pork meatball OR panko tofu (V) siracha-lime
basil, mint, carrot, spinach, radish, fried shallot, peanut, garlic-chile oil (V)

serving size : 1 generous serving = one dinner OR two lunches

$ 20.00

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