main entrees

gluten-free unless noted**  |  V = vegan optional available

menu : week of sep 23
greek greens & mushroom spanakopita* (V)  tzatziki  sausage opt.
marinated cannelini bean and lemony carrots : mint, dill, feta, walnut (V)

avial mixed veg & black lentils, coconut lime sauce (V)  plum chutney
royal salad : cabbage, lacinato, pickled red onion, mustard seed, cucumber, yogurt mint dressing (V)s

spinach falafel  spicy cilantro & green pepper sauce  beef kofta opt
charred cauliflower, spigarello, eppplant : tahini, dill, cilantro, lemon  (V)

bibimbap bowl (V) beef OR tofu  gochugang
bok choy, broccoli, scallion slaw, sesame zuccinni, garlicy carrots, crispy rice (V)

serving size : 1 generous serving = one dinner OR two lunches (1 QT)

$ 20.00

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