farm to table half-weekly bundle

gluten-free unless noted**  |  V = vegan optional available

A half-week meal delivery is a perfect way to ensure you have healthy, hearty, nutrient dense local foods on the table during the week.

Perfect for dinners or easy grab & go lunches for the week!
We gather ingredients directly from local farms and deliver them to you.

menu : week of december 17th
mushroom & broccoli burekas* (V) chorizo optional
chickpea & kale salad : dill, mint, lemon, red cabbage, feta, walnuts, pickled red onion garnish (V)

crispy cast-iron chicken w/lemon, capers & thyme (V = tofu)
roasted cauliflower & white beans : parmesan, salted almonds, spinach,
celery, radiccio pistacio pesto ... so yummy!

kale & carmelized sweet potato frittata bacon optional
honey glazed roasted brussel sprouts : scallions, lemon zest, peppers (V)

korean bbq style meatballs beef OR mushroom (V) gochujang sauce
bibimbap bowl : bok choy, japanese turnips, sesame carrots, shoyu mushrooms, spicy spinach, scallion (V)

butternut squash soup (V) lime, cilantro, tiny touch of vaudovan curry

half-week meal bundle =
• 2 main entrees (grass-fed local meats & vegetarian)
• 2 hearty seasonal sides/salads
• housemade soup or stew
• farm-fresh eggs + fresh nutmilk or juice + extra of your choosing

$ 150.00

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